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Small Kitchen Tables Sets : Metal Frame Coffee Table : 5 Piece Folding Table And Chair Set.

Small Kitchen Tables Sets

small kitchen tables sets

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wow, this one hadn't been cleaned thouroughly in ages. i started with dishes, then the windowsills above the sink and counter, then the counter and small appliances (clean out toaster oven, wipe it all down). then was the stove (see other pictures of it in set) and built-in cutting boards. not pictured here is the spice rack and another window, which i cleaned top to bottom. the bike and all the crap on the table is mine.

due to time and supply constraints, i swept but did not mop the entire floor. preferred method of cleaning floors is sweep, then vacuum with hard floor attachment (canister vacuum preferred, but dyson is an amazing upright with canister-like features), then mop with a wringing wet mop (not a sponge mop) (hot water and vinegar)--with hard wood floors, you have to dry it right away to not leave water marks or warp it.

you may ask why i went for all those details. well, a house that hasn't been cleaned in awhile...i'd like to make some progress on it, so that the next time someone attacks it, they're not starting totally from scratch again. customer has agreed to a deep clean. i didn't get to it all though, maybe next time? the top shelves of the spice rack, the kitchen table, the floor, the pantry shelves...so much more to be done! but this was a pretty good start. and for time estimation purposes, a kitchen of this side, plus the mudroom behind it, took me just over four hours (not including my lunch break). that's why i usually start my day in the kitchen. it's the heart of the home

Creating a tabletop sunset

Creating a tabletop sunset

This was a challenge indeed ... creating a "golden hour" setting. I wanted long shadows, a fuzzy horizon, a sun, orange sky. I knew the light had to be from the back from a previous challenge on backlighting so there are three lamps all pointing toward the orange paper away from Farmer Smurf -- plus the overhead kitchen light.

I tried using a bit of yellow paper, but it didn't work out so I ended up with just two sheets of orange, which are more orangey than this photo shows, at a right angle to each other. Green paper in the foreground. The sun was created with a small flashlight handheld just above Farmer Smurf's head but pointing at the same spot you see here. The colorful "thing" holding up the sheet of orange paper is my phone book (not in the photo).

I used my Canon Rebel with the Canon 60mm close-up lens (my favorite of all lens) set on f/2.8. White balance was set to "cloudy" which gave it more orangeyness. I manually focused on Farmer Smurf's tail. Voila!

small kitchen tables sets

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