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Wood Top Dining Table. Ashley Pub Table Sets. Wicker Glass Table.

Wood Top Dining Table

wood top dining table

    dining table
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Rectangle Formica Top Dining Table & 4 Chairs 005

Rectangle Formica Top Dining Table & 4 Chairs 005

Rectangle Formica Top Dining Table with 4 Chairs: This table measures 60”L x 36”W x 30”H with the leaf installed. Without the leaf, it measures 48”L. The leaf was probably not used much by the original owner, as it is noticeably darker in color (nothing a table cloth couldn’t fix). The table slides are of wood construction and were made by “Walter of Wabash”. The table comes with four western style chairs that could use a good refinishing. They are solid, but not currently overly pretty to look at. This would be a great starter set or maybe ideal for some college roomies to share. ($100)

grain on our dining table

grain on our dining table

The table top is real wood, and I couldn't get the rich tones to come out in the photo. The bad news about wood - is that it is easy to damage, hot cups, dropped plates, and nail varnish have all done their bit - but thats a part of it it's history now, so I guess like the blemishes and all - LoL.

I thought the darn pic was out of focus, but it's the grain - it doesn't have sharp edges !!

wood top dining table

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