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Antique Art Deco Table Lamps

antique art deco table lamps

    table lamps
  • (Table Lamp) A decorative lamp unit intended for placing on a low side table as room decorations from light through shade and base and also somewhat functional for reading with light below the shade, often too low.

  • (TABLE LAMP) Table lamps provide local light that is warm, cozy, and intimate, and also provide focal points throughout a room.  Table lamps comprise a base or stand that supports the bulb holder and bulb, and have a cord that delivers power to the source.

  • A small lamp designed to stand on a table

  • (table lamp) a lamp that sits on a table

    art deco
  • deco: a style of design that was popular in the 1920s and 1930s; marked by stylized forms and geometric designs adapted to mass production

  • Art Deco is an eclectic artistic and design style which had its origins in Paris in the first decades of the 20th century. The style "originated in the twenties" and continued to be employed until after World War II.

  • Design style of the 1920s and ’30s. Most tonneau- (barrel-) shaped and rectangular watches were inspired by the art deco movement.

  • The predominant decorative art style of the 1920s and 1930s, characterized by precise and boldly delineated geometric shapes and strong colors, and used most notably in household objects and in architecture

  • A collectible object such as a piece of furniture or work of art that has a high value because of its considerable age

  • made in or typical of earlier times and valued for its age; "the beautiful antique French furniture"

  • old-timer: an elderly man

  • shop for antiques; "We went antiquing on Saturday"

antique art deco table lamps - Deco Breeze

Deco Breeze Decorative Figurine Table Fan, Alligator, 14-Inch Tall by 11-Inch Wide

Deco Breeze Decorative Figurine Table Fan, Alligator, 14-Inch Tall by 11-Inch Wide

Let this charming Decorative Figurine Fan brighten your day while it keeps you cool. Made of high-quality cast metal with a green finish, this decorative fan is designed to look like an Alligator. Fan is 14-inches tall by 11-inches wide. 3-Pedaled fan blade and 30-watt copper-spun motor produces a steady flow of cooling air. Simple on/off, smooth-running operation and low -maintenance design make this a favorite. Carries a one-year limited warranty. With its decorative appeal, a Figurine Fan can easily become a permanent part of any desk, vanity, bedroom, kitchen, or bathroom decor. Deco Breeze offers an innovative collection of designer portable fans with styles that provide decorative options for every room in the home or office. From desktop and tabletop to floor standing and outdoor fans, and designs for every category - fun, modern, traditional, tropical and more - Deco Breeze has a fan to meet your decorating and gift giving needs.

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Table Lamp

Table Lamp

HDR of a Table Lamp

Made with Photomatix out of 6 pictures. Three images were taken with the camera's AEB function (0,-2,+2 EV) for each of the two areas marked in the picture on this site to get a series for the darker areas and one series that does justice to the glowing bulb.

These were saved in the RAW format and imported into Photomatix Pro 4 where the HDR was created and tone mapped with the Details Enhancer method. I selected the default preset and modified it as follows:
- Strength: 100
- Color Saturation: 33
- Microcontrast: 7
- Smoothing: -2
I played a little with the White Point setting but realized that the default value (0.250) is appropriate here.
After the image was processed, the result was tone mapped again with the same settings. And this result again, was tone mapped another time.
The result of the third tone mapping was then post-processed a little in GIMP.
I copied the image to another layer and blurred it with the gaussian algorithm with x/y values of about 60 (for an image of 5184x3456 pixels) in order to lose all the crisp in this layer and get a smooth version of the image. Then I added a black layer mask (full transparency) to the blurred layer and put it on top of the unmodified layer. I selected a smooth brush and white as front color and set set opacity to 60-80%.
Then I painted the layer mask with this brush in the areas that appeared too rough in the original version, thus merging to some extent the original with the smoothed version of the picture in the selected areas.

I'm very happy with the result, but I'd be happy about some comments, nonetheless. :)
If you know what I can do to get even better results, let me know.
If you like the picture, don't hesitate to tell me so.

4 - Table Lamp

4 - Table Lamp

Now that I have a close shot of this table lamp, I realize how dirty it is.. lazy me....:)

antique art deco table lamps

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Antique kitchen work tables. Slate console tables. Kathy ireland dining table.

Antique Kitchen Work Tables

antique kitchen work tables

    work tables
  • were small tables designed to hold sewing materials and implements, providing a convenient work place for women who sewed. They appeared during the 18th century and were popular throughout the 19th century.

  • A sewing table or work table is a table or desk used for sewing. Generally is has large amounts of space and a full set of sewing tools. Nearby there will be a chair and a waste bin. A common attachment is a dropleaf to give expanded space.

  • A small table with a hinged top concealing spaces for sewing accessories, which was introduced late in the eighteenth century. Many have a silk-covered hanging bag, and the top is sometimes inlaid with squares for chess. Many were elaborately made and highly finished with painting and inlay.

  • made in or typical of earlier times and valued for its age; "the beautiful antique French furniture"

  • old-timer: an elderly man

  • shop for antiques; "We went antiquing on Saturday"

  • A collectible object such as a piece of furniture or work of art that has a high value because of its considerable age

  • A room or area where food is prepared and cooked

  • A set of fixtures, cabinets, and appliances that are sold together and installed in such a room or area

  • A kitchen is a room or part of a room used for cooking and food preparation.

  • The Custard Factory is an arts and media production centre in Birmingham, England .

  • Cuisine

  • a room equipped for preparing meals

Kitchen Electrics

Kitchen Electrics

Phase one of our new kitchen and lounge has just been completed. We now have 4 new down-lights positioned strategically above the sink and work areas, both main lights above the table have been installed and aligned, new electricity points have been set for the oven and extractor fan etc etc. Building starts today woo!

Nanny's radio

Nanny's radio

This radio didn't belong to my Italian grandmother, but she had an identical one sitting on her kitchen counter my entire childhood. I found this in an antique shop in Woodland and sits atop our kitchen table. Works like a charm! (Taken with toy camera.)

antique kitchen work tables

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Black glass dining table - Harvest table kitchen island.

Black Glass Dining Table

black glass dining table

    dining table
  • A table is a type of furniture comprising an open, flat surface supported by a base or legs. It may be used to hold articles such as food or papers at a convenient or comfortable height when sitting, and is therefore often used in conjunction with chairs.

  • (Dining Tables) The first dining tables of which survivors remain are the type known as refectory tables. They are made usually of oak, and one of the earliest, at Penshurst Place in Kent, has a typical thick top of joined planks supported on three separate trestles.

  • A table on which meals are served in a dining room

  • a table at which meals are served; "he helped her clear the dining table"; "a feast was spread upon the board"

  • blacken: make or become black; "The smoke blackened the ceiling"; "The ceiling blackened"

  • Make black, esp. by the application of black polish

  • Make (one's face, hands, and other visible parts of one's body) black with polish or makeup, so as not to be seen at night or, esp. formerly, to play the role of a black person in a musical show, play, or movie

  • being of the achromatic color of maximum darkness; having little or no hue owing to absorption of almost all incident light; "black leather jackets"; "as black as coal"; "rich black soil"

  • the quality or state of the achromatic color of least lightness (bearing the least resemblance to white)

  • Any similar substance that has solidified from a molten state without crystallizing

  • furnish with glass; "glass the windows"

  • a container for holding liquids while drinking

  • A hard, brittle substance, typically transparent or translucent, made by fusing sand with soda, lime, and sometimes other ingredients and cooling rapidly. It is used to make windows, drinking containers, and other articles

  • a brittle transparent solid with irregular atomic structure

  • A thing made from, or partly from, glass, in particular



Stunning black glass top coffee table with visually impressive chromed legs
The mix of black glass and chrome creates a funky table design
This table has been constructed with the best quality materials
Tempered Safety glass used for your piece of mind
Suitable for a style conscious modern home owner
Stylish and elegant living room furniture
Matching dining room furniture also available
Affordable price
Dimensions: (W) 101.7 x (D) 50.8 x (H) 41cm

Black Tempered Glass Dining Table

Black Tempered Glass Dining Table

Even though the dining table is available, our supplier will only deliver all in one go. Speaking of which, I just missed out some great bargain for the dining chairs last weekend. Due to a tight budget, we decided to get the chairs elsewhere.

black glass dining table

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Buffet Tables For Sale. Folding Table And 4 Chairs. Round End Table

Buffet Tables For Sale

buffet tables for sale

    for sale
  • purchasable: available for purchase; "purchasable goods"; "many houses in the area are for sale"

  • For Sale is the fifth album by German pop band Fool's Garden, released in 2000.

  • For Sale is a tour EP by Say Anything. It contains 3 songs from …Is a Real Boy and 2 additional b-sides that were left off the album.

  • A shock or misfortune

  • A blow, typically of the hand or fist

  • strike against forcefully; "Winds buffeted the tent"

  • a piece of furniture that stands at the side of a dining room; has shelves and drawers

  • a meal set out on a buffet at which guests help themselves

  • (table) postpone: hold back to a later time; "let's postpone the exam"

  • (table) a set of data arranged in rows and columns; "see table 1"

  • Present formally for discussion or consideration at a meeting

  • Postpone consideration of

  • (table) a piece of furniture having a smooth flat top that is usually supported by one or more vertical legs; "it was a sturdy table"

Grape design tapestry table runner $10

Grape design tapestry table runner $10

I have two of these - got one for the table and one for the buffet and changed themes :)
If you buy both, you can have them for $15 total.....

New Table Runner for DR Buffet

New Table Runner for DR Buffet

Got this teal table runner on sale at Pier One for the buffet--looks nice with the glass marbles in the globe.

buffet tables for sale

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Coffee table humidors : Folding snooker tables : Stainless steel table top grill.

Coffee Table Humidors

coffee table humidors

    coffee table
  • A low table, typically placed in front of a sofa

  • A coffee table, also called a cocktail table, is a style of long, low table which is designed to be placed in front of a sofa, to support beverages (hence the name), magazines, feet, books (especially coffee table books), and other small items to be used while sitting, such as coasters.

  • low table where magazines can be placed and coffee or cocktails are served

  • (Coffee Tables) While any small and low table can be, and is, called a coffee table, the term is applied particularly to the sets of three or four tables made from about 1790; of which the latter were called 'quartetto tables'.

  • A humidor is any kind of box or room with constant humidity, and ideally temperature, used to store cigars, cigarettes, or pipe tobacco.

  • (Humidor) A room, or a box, of varying sizes, designed to preserve or promote the proper storage and aging of cigars by maintaining a relative humidity level of 70 percent and a temperature of approximately 65°F to 70°F.

  • (Humidor) A box or cabinet that is lined with spainish cedar that holds your cigars.

  • An airtight container for keeping cigars or tobacco moist

coffee table humidors - Santiano End

Santiano End Table Humidor

Santiano End Table Humidor

$7.95 SHIPPING in the Continental US! The Santiano End Table Humidor is a clever design combining the very best in furniture craftsmanship with a touch of class that blends into virtually any decor. Featuring a rich walnut finish, this handsome end table takes "attention to detail" to another level with its embossed panels (an expensive manufacturing process) which are found on all 4 sides of the humidor. The front side of the Santiano features pull out drawers with routed edges and a front door with an embossed design. The remaining 3 sides of the Santiano also carry embossed panels. This means each of the 4 sides of the Santiano carry a "completely finished look" so that the unit can sit in the center of any room and look great from every angle. The 2 pull out drawers in the Santiano are set on metal slides for smooth feel and operation. Each drawer includes 3 adjustable cedar dividers. Your cigar collection stored in the top drawer can be viewed directly through the beveled glass top. In the rear section of the top drawer, a built-in silver frame digital hygrometer which displays temperature and relative humidity is also visible through the glass. Opening the swing door in lower section of humidor reveals a spacious area with a cedar shelf for additional storage. Also includes 6 humidifiers, silver hardware, lock and key sets for each section, a wiring port in the rear for electric and a fully lined Spanish cedar interior that stores up to 700 cigars. The Santiano End Table Cigar Humidor provides its owner with generous amount of cigar storage with the aesthetics of fine furniture that will embellish any room at an unbelievable price!

85% (19)

Living Room

Living Room

My lving room. My husband's HUGE humidor on the coffee table. In terrible need of paint!! And additional wall hangings! UGH!



Humidor opened up on the coffee table....

coffee table humidors

coffee table humidors


The Montegue End Table Humidor The first true 'End Table' humidor design introduced to our extensive humidor line up. Adapted from a drawing inspired by Artiste-Protege Wilson Montoya exclusively for Quality Importers. This piece of furniture stands on decorative curved wooden feet and also features the following: ?Holds up to 1500 Cigars ?Solid Wood Construction, Maple Veneer ?Lined with Premium Kiln Dried Spanish Cedar ?SureSeal® Technology Insures Proper Seal ?1 Pull out drawer on metal slide with 3 dividers, Lock and Key ?2 Raised Panel Doors with Lock and Key ?2 Adjustable/Removable Cedar Shelves in base ?Tarnished Brass Door Hinges and Handles ?Parquet Cherry Wood Designed Top ?Curved Raised Foot Design in Front (assembly required) ?2 Interior A/C Outlets ?Antique Distressed Walnut Finish ?Note: This unit does not include humidifier or hygrometer. We recommend the HYDRA-SM Electronic Humidifier for this item. Capacity: 1500 Cigars Dimensions (Outside): 24"W x 26"D x 30"H

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antique art deco table lamps

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